Free-standing frames for convenient high-impact communication

Free-standing frames are ideal for all types of communication: they allow you to showcase your universe and identity very simply.
Take them with you anywhere you go and personalize your space in less than 15 minutes.
Composed of dye-sublimation printed fabric on one or two sides that is inserted easily into the aluminum profile, free-standing frames with customizable dimensions create an agile communication space that is adaptable to any situation.

Enjoy the best print quality

With dye-sublimation printed fabric graphics, free-standing frames deliver unbeatable visual impact and a flawless finish

Travel with your frames

Thanks to their custom packaging, you can store your free-standing frames in your trunk, take them on the train or even stow them in a cabin. The portable version features profiles that are cut in half to allow them to be transported in a wheeled case.

Assemble your frames with confidence

It only takes one person to set up and dismantle the frames. In less than 15 minutes, you can install the frame, insert the graphic and set up the two stabilizing feet. So convenient!

Customize your frame

With customizable dimensions, free-standing frames are adaptable to any space. Using our 3D design tool, you can customize the size and fabric of the frame, and choose a one- or two-sided version.

Several applications


Backwalls and logos created to serve as a backdrop for photo opportunities.
They allow you to create exciting actions around your booth, event or press conference.
The anti-reflective high-definition printed fabric photographs particularly well and lets you create stunning decor worthy of a film set.


Space separation – Decoration

Technical characteristics

Gray anodized aluminum or white lacquer profile
Custom dimensions
Maximum size: 10′ without junction connection
Dye-sublimation fabric graphics

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