Our values can be summed up by the acronym WAWA:

  • Well-being : showing kindness and respect, listening
  • Altruism : acting as a united and cohesive team
  • Work : working intensely and passionately
  • Agility : always being open to change, ready to adapt to a changing market

These values dictate our day-to-day activities and enable us to serve our customers with passion, efficiency and desire!


We strive to exercise kindness, to listen, and to show respect and humility in all of our day-to-day actions, both internally and when interacting with our customers and suppliers.

Our mission at a management level is to “motivate our teams to be motivated.” We have therefore built a participatory management system that encourages all individuals to express themselves and take part in our corporate culture.

We act to promote the well-being of our teams. This is essential for us and we encourage all initiatives that go in this direction: yoga classes, gym, petanque, ping-pong table, sponsoring sports teams, meetings “well-being” , modern and airy accommodation … etc.

Ultimately, at Duo, human relations and well-being are our top priorities!


Our teams are united and committed to a single goal, which is to ensure the success of their customers’ projects.

All departments contribute to the quality of our customer relationships, from production to accounting, the supply chain, communication, design office, etc. Each department with its unique identity and expertise works to create this essential link.

The passion and enthusiasm for our business that drives us also helps boost our desire to help one another, be unified and work with dedication.


The customer is the primary focus of all that we do and all that we think about.

We strive to understand our customers’ needs to satisfy them in terms of quality, price and service. Our goal is to build lasting relationships based on trust with our customers.

This is why our teams work energetically and passionately every day to provide customers with the best solutions. Each project is studied carefully, and the proposals we give our customers are always personalized and suited to their individual needs.

The motivation and dedication of our teams also allow us to regularly face new challenges, thus helping us progress towards making the exhibition booth world even better in the future.


Our company is agile, and our people are constantly evolving. They adapt regularly to market needs and are in an ongoing state of reinvention.

It is thanks to this core value that we are recognized for our sustained rhythm of innovation: 50% of our sales are generated from sales of products less than 3 years old.

Training is essential to supporting this agility.