The keys to a successful trade show lie in mastering the logistics chain, first by having a stand delivered on time at an exhibition site, then by ensuring quality setup, and finally by reducing inherent costs.
Logistics costs (transport, setup/dismantling) represent 27% of the costs associated with attending a trade show (source: CEIR).

Transport: optimized solutions

Our logistics service offers you optimized solutions based on the volume to be transported and the shipping location.
We take care of everything: based on your constraints (deadlines, budget), we will find the best solution for each of your projects: we can provide direct transport or a charter service via our approved suppliers.
We are able to deliver anywhere in the world, and we manage all customs-related constraints.

“Exhibit locally… globally:” an international network of assemblers and service providers so you can exhibit anywhere in the world

We guarantee the success of your events in Europe and North America by offering you the quality services of local partners, at the right price, while ensuring that you remain in close contact with your usual local sales representative.
We keep you informed on the progress of your stand’s setup on site and send you photos.
Our assemblers are regularly trained on our products to provide you with optimal efficiency and responsiveness.

Reinvent the logistics of your exhibition program

Duo has established frame storage facilities near exposition centers. Only the graphics are shipped through a courier. It is now possible to easily rent quality stands in Europe and North America.
This logistics revolution offers several advantages: it reduces transport costs, allows local service providers who know the ins and outs of local sites and legislation to manage your project, and minimizes a stand’s environmental impact.

Storage of your stands & graphics

We collect the crates for your stand after your event and store them at our warehouse in a reserved space. Each time they enter and leave our warehouses, we perform a complete quality check.
It is also possible to have only your graphics stored, especially in the case of stand rentals.



Stand design

Your personalized solution in 5 days


Graphic creation

A creative studio dedicated to the realization of your booth files


Pre-printing service

Pre-printing service and online portal for real-time order tracking



Transport, set-up/dismantling and storage: leave your worries to us!



A smart, economical solution for occasional needs