panofloor: printed flooring to personalize your exhibit!

Give your stand even more personality and create a universe in which you can immerse your customers with
panofloor, the large format printed flooring.

Access high-definition quality

panofloor uses large format dye-sublimation printing (up to 3 meters without a seam) for high-definition quality and an unbeatable color rendering.

Create your own ambiance

Personalize your floor based on the graphic design of your stand.

Play with material effects and faux finishes

You can print the graphic of your choice by using material effects such as wood, concrete, grass, water, sand, etc.

Our experts are available for installation

panofloor is delivered with film protection. You may request our installation service, or you may choose to receive an optional installation kit if you prefer self-setup: the kit contains double-sided tape and a cutting tool.

Standard formats and technical specifications

  • Available in 3 m wide
  • Maximum length: 24 m
  • Weight: 900 gr/m² ± 10%
  • Thickness: ± 2.8 mm
  • Printed surface 100% polyester
  • Backing: fireproof precoat

CE standard, very low emissions (A+ standard), fireproof.
CFL-s1 standard.

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