Duo News – October 2018


Contour / New features for the range

  • 5 new formats to add depth and originality to your stand, including angled or tilted, and one-sided or two-sided formats.
  • Contour.TV: curved angles have been replaced by straight angles to be consistent with the rest of the range.
  • Light holder: The part has been updated to offer greater resistance.

New / Canopy with built-in LED lights

Add a touch of creativity and light to your stand with these 3 flush-mount LED lights featured in the canopy of your arch.

Light. / Wiring kit and LED lights

It is now possible to order LED lights without a transformer for use with the wiring kit.

Fabric / Panopac 2 replaced by Panopac 3

As of August 31, graphics are no longer being printed on PANOPAC 2: PANOPAC 3 is the only reference for your booths. It is a more stretchable fabric, which makes it easier to fit over frames.

Awards / Duo wins the Innovation Price @The Date

Duo was awarded the Innovation Prize at “The Date” organized by Prestalians, specifically in the show experience category.

It was a 100% immersive experience for visitors which unfolded in an enclosed 9×9 sq. meter space, which demonstrated that in addition to its functional capabilities, it is also an exhibit which sparks true emotion!

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