A more design-focused and higher-performance lighting solution

Lighting is an essential factor in ensuring an exhibit’s success. It must be elegant, discreet and efficient without being too bright.
This is why we have designed our new Signature LED light. With its sleek, contemporary lines, it integrates flawlessly into all of your Panoramic booth designs.
Its elongated 60 cm form, specially designed optics and cantilevered attachment concept, which places it as close to the frame as possible, make it the most powerful and uniform lighting solution.
In addition, its built-in transformer makes wiring a breeze.

Your booth looks elegant and the spotlight is on your image alone

Move the cursor horizontally

Explore the light’s technical details in 3D

Connect up to 24 lights in a series

Place it where you want it while ensuring secure attachment


  • Consumption: 20W
  • Light equivalence: 150 halogen W
  • Color temperature: Approx. 5000 K.
  • 3 m cable.

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