New Panoramic h-line Lightbox: thinner, more luminous, more modular!

The panoramic h-line modular booth solution is expanding!
To exhibit at shows even more efficiently, we have designed a new lightbox that is as thin as the other panels (4 cm) and lit by LED curtains.
It offers improved logistics by taking up only one slot in the crate, in which it comes delivered with the graphic already assembled.
To simplify setup, it attaches to other panels with the same connector as the rest of the range.
With 300 LEDs lighting the graphics from behind, its luminosity is 2.5 times more powerful yet its consumption is the same.
With new 48 cm-wide formats (standard and canopy) and a method of use that is identical to the other modules, it offers new creative possibilities.

Even more design possibilities

Move the cursor horizontally over the configurations.

Connect backlit and non-backlit modules without any constraints

Use backlit panels over storage areas and make 100% backlit headers.

Create a nook using the new 2-meter backlit canopy (192 cm, equal to 2 x 96 cm frames).

Create backlit arches in widths of 48 cm.

Connect backlit counters together or to non-backlit counters, in a corner or a straight line

Simplified logistics

A single connector attaches all panels together.
With the new structure, a double connector is no longer needed behind lightboxes.

All panels come pre-assembled: LED curtains are built into the frame and the graphics are mounted on the structure.
Each panel takes up only one slot in the shipping crate.

Explore its technical details in 3D

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