We are committed to respecting the environment, which is reflected in the following objectives:
– Ensure the sustainable growth of Duo, its distributors and the exhibit and events industries by reinventing our business with an eco-friendly approach.
– Provide exhibition solutions for exhibitors that are more eco-friendly without added costs.

In 2007, after completing an environmental assessment with each of our products, we set a daily goal of reducing our products’ environmental impact throughout their life cycles.

From the development phase, we take environmental criteria in account: in particular, the selection of materials, the simplicity of assembly allowing for recycling and repairs, the optimization of volumes for transport and space requirements for storage.

Our eco-responsible approach takes the form of five commitments that are carried out throughout the entire life cycle of our products:

1- Opt to use recyclable, recycled or biodegradable raw materials and finished products whenever possible.
2- Minimize the impact of manufacturing on the environment by using more eco-friendly machinery and optimizing the production process.
3- Reduce environmental impact while our booths are in use by adopting a logistics approach of “storing frames near exhibition centers”
4-Encourage the reusing and “reparability” of our solutions.
5- Oversee the recycling of raw materials and finished products.

Chronology / Environment:

2007 – Duo product life cycle analysis and implementation of an environmental charter
2010 – Installation of 788 solar panels in our production center in France, equivalent to 17,000 square feet of roofing for an annual production of 200 MW
2011 – Achievement of the Imprim’vert label
2015 – Halogen bulbs are discontinued: Duo now only sells solutions that use LED lighting
2016 – Establishment of frame storage facilities near exhibit centers. Evolution towards de-materialized booths.
2017 – Green electricity produced from 100% renewable energy in our production center in France.