Why choose fabric graphics?

Fabric graphics are very well suited for use in the exhibit and events industries. They are easy to transport, handle and set up; they are scratch-resistant, wrinkle-free and washable, and may even be dry-cleaned. We do not recommend washing the fabric as this can remove the NFPA fire retardant protection.

What is dye-sublimation printing?

Dye-sublimation printing is a printing technology that we have perfectly mastered, as we are forerunners and experts of this technique.
Sublimation is a physical phenomenon by which matter passes directly from a solid to a gas. The fabric’s fibers are dyed directly, which improves color resistance over time.

Benefits of this technology

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Unrivaled quality: Dye-sublimation printing offers exceptional contrast, intensity and depth. Colors are vibrant and available in a wide range, including at high density.

Anti-reflective: Dye-sublimated fabric absorbs light and prevents reflections from appearing on your image.

More eco-friendly process: The inks used are aqueous solutions that are solvent-free and odorless.

The textile/sublimation pairing is the most aesthetic solution, offering the best and most durable color rendering!