contour., the high-impact adjustable and portable booth

contour is a portable booth solution featuring a tubular aluminum frame covered in stretch fabric.
Lightweight and compact, contour can be taken anywhere thanks to its wheeled transport bag, and is quickly assembled without requiring any tools or extra parts.
contour is modular and adjustable: the frames connect together while optional accessories like a TV, shelves and lighting make it possible to meet all the needs of exhibitors.
contour is the perfect booth solution for those who desire autonomy and wish to exhibit effectively while minimizing costs.

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A fully DIY solution

Simple and intuitive setup

A contour frame can be set up and dismantled in less than 10 minutes without requiring any tools or extra parts. The tubes interlock with connectors, and an instructional system is found on each frame for totally intuitive assembly.

The graphic slips over the frame very easily like a sock and covers the frame completely for exceptional execution.

With contour, you can spend less time assembling and more time with your customers!

Tubes connect together with one click

The graphic slips over the frame and closes with a zipper.

Take contour anywhere with ease

contour is an ultra-compact, lightweight solution that you can take anywhere thanks to its wheeled transport bag, or have it easily shipped via a courier.

Everything is stored away and protected: the tubes are attached secured using clips and the graphic is stored in a plastic bag.

Everything stays securely in its place!

Transport a TV in a flight case

Transport it in a car…

… or ship it via a courier

contour is the only booth line compatible with the formats authorized by trade shows in Europe and North America.

Let your creativity run wild!

All of your ideas can come to life with contour, allowing you to be unique and stand out from the crowd. Mix and match elements to achieve a wide array of possible configurations.

contour frames are available in standard and custom formats.

Connectors are used to link the frames together with 45°, 90° and 180° angles, allowing you to customize the environment of your booth.

Existing configurations are reusable and adapatable.

A wide range of accessories are available: LED.lights, TV frame…

contour accompanies your ever-growing company

contour is adjustable: start with a single frame and add onto it as needed.

All contour items are available on our PS3D configurator.

Let us design your booth for you.

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Be eco-responsible

Save money

With contour, you benefit from an effective exhibition booth that you can take with you in your car or ship via a courier, which also offers DIY setup. contour is reusable and adjustable.

Now you can enjoy a lasting solution that saves you money with each use.

You can control your budget while increasing your ROI.

Environmental spirit

The contour booth concept is based on reusing, as the majority of waste is prevented.

The compact and lightweight nature of the booths limits the environmental impact of transport.

Our very strict specifications prohibit any bonding, crimping or magnets from being used during manufacturing. This allows the aluminum to be easily recycled.

We send the fabrics to recycling centers so they may be reused for other purposes.

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