panoramic c-line, the custom designer exhibition solution for a booth that helps showcase your image!

panoramic c-line is the only modular exhibition system that features an aluminum frame covered entirely in dye-sublimation printed fabric graphics. Its technology is patented.
It creates unrivaled graphic impact thanks to its space entirely dedicated to your image, as well as its top-of-the-line finishes.

With panoramic c-line, the custom panoramic line, all of your ideas can come to life: it features very large format graphics, backlit walls, curved elements, integrated carpentry elements, heights exceeding 16 feet, etc.

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No special tools or expertise required


Each configuration is pre-assembled: the covers are attached to the aluminum profiles and the parts are molded.

2 & 3

Assemble the profiles without using any tools thanks to a bracket that is invisible after setup.

Great reasons to choose panoramic c-line

Unrivaled graphic impact

Your communication space is maximized, no aluminum profiles are visible, your message is even more effective and your booth conveys a true image of quality.

Reusable customization

panoramic c-line offers you infinite design possibilities and, unlike conventional booths which are also completely customized, the panoramic c-line booth is reusable!

The fabric graphic revolution!

Fabric printing offers characteristics that make it the ideal choice for visual communication during special events and in-store promotions.
The fabric / dye-sublimation pairing provides the highest quality results, offering the best color execution while also remaining the more environmentally-friendly solution.

Reduce your logistics costs

panoramic c-line features small dimensions for transport. Stackable transport crates allow the booth to be packaged by module.
It uses up to 40% fewer parts compared to identical configurations created with other modular systems.

Be eco-conscious

The aluminum used in the frame is 100% recyclable, the dye-sublimation printed graphics do not contain solvents, and the low weight-volume ratio reduces CO2 emissions.

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