light: cutting-edge technology lighting solutions!

Our spotlights are lighting solutions that combine innovative design, environmental respect and competitive prices.
These spotlights were developed to provide a polished look to complement and highlight your graphic.
Spotlights from the light family provide universal solutions for all of our products that feature adaptable attachment systems. They are also compatible with many other products on the market.
All of our lights come with a soft transport bag.


The light.LED offers more luminosity than a halogen light and is much more energy efficient!
It conveniently attaches to panoramic h-line products with a quarter turn or to contour products with a clip. It is recommended for xpressions, xtension.squared, virage and contour backwalls, and for panoramic and contour booths.

Consumption: 18W
Light equivalence: 150 halogen W
Color temperature: 6500 K.
10′ cable.


This LED spotlight is recommended for lite.banner and sprint banner stands and retractables from the one , supreme and axis lines.

Consumption: 5W LED spotlight
10′ cable.

By replacing a 200W halogen bulb with LEDs, we conserve its lighting power while also lowering electricity consumption by more than 10 times.
Another advantage is that the LEDs emit much less heat than other traditional lighting solutions.

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