Euroshop 2017


The Duo booth at EuroShop 2017

EuroShop is the world’s no. 1 retail trade fair. It takes place every three years. In 2017,
more than 110,000 visitors from 138 different countries visited the booths of 2,200 exhibitors. Duo has been attending this professional trade fair for many years.
Panoramic was launched at the 2011 event, and Panoramic h-line made its debut in 2014.

As EuroShop is first an opportunity for Duo teams to meet with its dealers and partners from all over the world, our booth was designed to look like an apartment, a comfortable living space created to foster a warm, friendly environment.

This booth measuring 80 m² and 6 m in height was entirely created with panoramic h-line, demonstrating its range of possibilities as well as showcasing the technical and creative expertise of our teams.
We created different areas for our booth and a visitor layout was clearly marked, featuring the following:

A large welcome “entrance” created with standard backlit h-line panels

A demo area, designed using PS3D and the “fireside” download platform

An “office,” to share the Duo experience, made possible by innovative products, an international network of assemblers, Duo University training sessions and turnkey marketing tools.

A “library,” for sitting, talking and networking in a calm, quiet space

A “kitchen” with a large counter for sharing fun, memorable moments with visitors

And, because a picture is worth a thousand words, we invite you to check out our selection of photos…

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