Duo news – February 2018

Product Innovation / Contour

The Contour line is expanding : 

– Contour arch and TV arch
– Contour shelves
– Contour storage corner (3′ x8′ and 3′ x10′)
– 5′ x4′ Contour and 10′ x4′ Contour
– 8’ x8’ S or C-shaped Curved Contour
– 10′ x8′ C-shaped Curved Contour
– Custom Contour

> Brochure

Product Innovation / Panoramic h-line Gridwall

New modules for hanging accessories!

HMG003 with white accessory gridwall and HMG004 with black accessory gridwall.

> New Panoramic H-line Brochure

Product Innovation / Integrated Shelving: Panoramic h-line

Shelves are now integrated in the base of the console module (1 per console) and in the closet module HMR019 (2 shelves).

> Brochure

Trade Show Kits: Ready to use for 10′ x10′ booths

Ideal for 10′ x10′ spaces with or without organizer partition, each booth is transported in a wheeled container that transforms into a counter.

> New Display Catalog

Panoramic Lightbox more competitive than ever!

Need a lightbox? Take advantage of new prices by creating your custom lightbox on our PS3D design software or by requesting an estimate from our team!

> Standard offer available in our new Display catalog

New catalogs

> Exhibits Catalog
Contour portable booths, Panoramic h-line modular booths and Panoramic c-line custom booths.

> Display Catalog
All our other solutions: pop-ups and backwalls, roll-ups and banner stands, fabric frames and outdoor solutions.

Calendar / Exhibitor Las Vegas

We will be at ExhibitorLive Las Vegas with a Duo Corner booth in the IFES village.
Meet us at 1801-8 in Mandala Bay.

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